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In deze oude textielfabriek zie je het productieproces van grondstof tot afgewerkt product. De afdelingen grondstof, weverij, het atelier van de meestergast en de stoommachine kan je bezichtigen.

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  • Guest (Rose Torres)

    I haven't expected science can be beneficial to studying human feelings and emotions. However, the result of the research appeared to be quite predictable. Music is often the only relief for me when I feel depressed or sad. Still, we have to respect the tastes of others as it is a key to our musical satisfaction.

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  • Guest (Daniel Richards)

    I'm not surprised that scientists have come to such a result. Music has been human's concomitant since the beginning of our civilization and I think music and humanity are closely connected. However, if you do not enjoy a certain style, it will be hard for you to benefit from music emotionally.

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