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Ronse is a dynamic and historical city, located on the language border in the Flemish Ardennes.

Magnificent views over the green landscape and challenging cycling and hiking routes, Ronse has so much to offer you. In this small city, you can find lots of other touristic gems within walking distance of the city centre.

The Flemish Ardennes cottages


The Crypt underneath the church of St-Hermes was already an attraction for pilgrim in the Middle Ages and is still a unique example of Romanesque-Gothic architecture. The growth of the textile sector was very positive for the textile barons and the executives between the two world wars. On the former outskirts of the city, they built beautiful houses in the trendy style of that time: the art deco.

The Flemish Ardennes cottages


Many historical buildings were preserved, including the Hoge Mote. During the 15th century, the building served as a house for the Canon and later as a District Court and a textile factory. The church of St-Hermes is also worth a visit.  

The Flemish Ardennes cottages

Beautiful nature and panoramic views

There are few cities in Flanders that can offer their visitors such a warm welcome as Ronse. Whether you enter the city from the north or the south, the panoramic view from the hills is very unique. The city is surrounded by beautiful nature, thanks to its location in the middle of the hills. Let it seduce you and come over to explore the network of nice hiking and cycling routes.